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What the Heck is a Venus Cazimi?

Cazimi, an Arabic word which translates to "in the heart of the sun" is an astrological event that "lights up" the planet that gets this close to the sun in our charts. Listen to find out why this cazimi is so significant and why it...

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there’s no such thing as a bad chart

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to know yourself and understand  the energies you’re encountering in your life—and those you may not even be aware of

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I would love to support you in exploring your natal promise.


  • Natal Consultation – and the near future
  • Solar Return – a view into the year ahead
  • Choose a Date – choosing a date for events or launches
  • Current & Near Future

Astrological Associations

  • ISAR – International Society of Astrological Research
  • AOA – Aquarian Organization of Astrologers – Kansas City

About Sunny

My journey with astrology began when I was about seven  years old.  My mother did my chart for me.  This was before computers, so it must have been quite a task!  I was fascinated by the idea that these symbols and lines could tell the initiated something about me!

Some time later, my interest kicked into high gear when I discovered predictive techniques in Hellenistic Astrology.  Reading charts gives my mercurial Gemini rising mind something fascinating to do, gives my nurturing Cancer Sun a way to support people, and my Sagittarius Moon loves relating to people and offering my gift to the world.

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Mini Reading

My Approach

Astrology is about your natal chart–but it’s also so much more than your natal chart!  Modern astrologers use your natal chart to delineate your personality, while ancient Hellenistic astrologers used the chart to derive information about periods in the life which will be important.  I use a blend of modern astrology, Hellenistic astrology, evolutionary astrology and archtypal astrology.

My Process

Once you schedule your consultation, I spend  hours with your chart, to discern as much as I can about your chart. When we do your reading, I show you your chart, explain what I am seeing in terms of your planetary placements, and help you understand what that means.  I am all about supporting my clients to understand themselves better, and improve their lives, their careers, and their relationships with themselves and others.

About Questions

Questions are always welcome in a consultation!   Asking questions about particular things you’d like to know or to have me look for in your chart is a great tool to help us focus on what is most relevant to you in your consultation.  I can go into those areas in greater depth than I might if I were just doing a general reading, so go ahead and let me know what’s on your mind!

Available Consultations

Natal Chart Consultation

We cover personality delineation, recent and upcoming major events, and suggestions for how to live your best life informed by the stars.  I include a pdf of the charts that I use for your reading, as well as some reference material to help you.  If we do your reading over zoom, I also send you a recording of our session so you can listen over again if you like. I also recommend that you record the session.

Solar Return Consultation

The solar return chart, or the chart that is cast for the moment that the sun returns to the place where it was when you were born, has been known for centuries to be a predictive tool for the coming year.

I can help you make plans for the best possible outcomes, forsee and hopefully head off difficulties, and make the most of the coming year!

Location, location, location

Ever wonder how events might go if you moved somewhere else? Having trouble attracting what you want to experience in this life (a partner, career, joy and peace)? Want to try locational astrology?

The concept is that for each person, there are some locations on earth which activate and highlight different parts of their chart. Want a love partnership? We look for locations where Venus is activated in your chart. It’s a little more complicated than that, but let the astrologer handle the complications, let’s see what moving or a well-timed vacation could do for your life!

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Clients Share their Experience

Not only was the information “spot on”, it was fun.


I am so impressed with my reading by Sunny!  Her reading validated me, but then took me further on a journey deep into hidden layers of who I am.


Marvelous and in-depth.  I’m thrilled about the experience


I took notes on all the things she had to tell me that were new to me. I have the dates to put in my calendar so I know what days are more auspicious than other days to plan project or launch new products.


It gave me new perspective and understanding of why deep relationships are important to me.


What a joy to have Sunny consult my natal chart!  And now all the life changes experienced can be viewed through the lens of preparing me to serve in a greater way.


Sunny is detailed and highly experienced!  I highly recommend her as she helped me make decisions, understand my personality and simply understand astrology at a deeper level.


What do I need for a reading?

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Birth time
  • Birth place

If you don’t know your exact birth time, that’s alright! There are still a lot of things we can learn by looking at your chart.