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An Interview on Tardan Media Network

Sunny’s Bio

My interest in astrology started when I was about 7 or so, when my mother showed me the astrological chart that she had done for me. This was in the dark ages, before computers 😀 so she must have done a lot of manual calculations! Nowadays, with computers, it’s a lot easier to cast a chart.

Below the circle chart she drew, she wrote in a bunch of sentences and phrases that described “me”. I don’t remember most of them, but I do remember wondering how you could look at that circle and all those symbols and know that.

For a long time after that, I paid attention to horoscopes. Pretty much everything then was about sun sign astrology, so I bought books and those little scrolls in gas stations that would predict the year ahead for Cancer. As a young adult, I bought software for our desktop computer and would draw up charts for friends and family members; I bought a book in the late 80’s (which I still have) that would help me with the “Mars in Virgo” “Mars in the fourth house” type delineations…astrologers call them “cookbooks” because they are the mix-and-match ingredients for basic chart interpretation. But there was still a lot I didn’t understand and I didn’t have anyone to teach me.

A whole bunch of years passed this way, and then I took a class that blew my mind. It was about transit astrology, studying the movement of the planets around the zodiac and how they interact with your natal chart, which is static. I very quickly grasped the implications of this and it was so exciting to me! Opened up a whole new world. Before this, all I knew of astrology was personality analysis, but this allowed me to see the possibilities for predictive astrology, which is much more interesting!

I was living and working on a farm at this time, so I began listening to podcasts on astrology while I did the work with my hands. Even though I was so isolated out in rural Kansas, it was like taking little classes on astrology, for hours every day. I was learning so much! Then, as now, I was drawn to listen and learn from people who know so much more than I. Some of the stuff I would have to pause the podcast and google. I kept listening, day in and day out. I acquired more and more astrology books. Then, I signed up for a long and in depth course online. I would do readings for people, friends, relatives, and over and over again I was asked why I was not doing this professionally. My answer? “I don’t know enough yet!” (There’s an astrological reason why I responded this way!)

Finally, I put my shingle up in 2020. I chose a specific time for the launch of Sunny’s Astrology. Businesses, like people, like marriages, even countries, have a natal chart that predicts the success or lack thereof of the venture. That’s the idea of electional astrology, selecting an auspicious time to start a new venture.

I do natal chart readings for clients, in person, or more commonly, over zoom. I’ve had many marvelous experiences with doing client readings! I love analyzing charts and finding what I call, “the way in”, which is a little hard to define. It’s different in every chart. It’s something that stands out in a way that other parts of the chart do not. It always comes with a little intuitive “zing” that lets me know I’ve found it. And in my experience, when I share the implications of that “zing” with the client, it’s met with an enthusiastic “yes!” Clients feel more understood, and understand themselves better too.

Even when I am not doing astrology, my brain is doing astrology! People talk to me and tell me ordinary facts of their lives, and I’m guessing about their astrological chart. Someone might say that they are very detail oriented and organized—I’m wondering what placements they have in Virgo. They might say that they have always been fascinated with and concerned with the topic of death—I’m thinking their Pluto placement must be very prominent. I watch movies, especially biopics, and later look up the charts of the person at the center of the story. I recently did this with Judy Garland’s chart after seeing the Renee Zellweger depiction of her in “Judy”.

You know how people tell you, “find the thing you love most to do in the whole world, and find a way to get paid to do it?” For many many years, too many, I thought that was a myth. I never found a job I liked to do. I did some things I enjoyed, worked with some great people, but nothing I wouldn’t walk away from in a heartbeat. But this? This is that thing, for me. I’m only sorry it took me so long to find it (but there are astrological reasons for this, too, of course!).

Sunny’s Astrology can be found online at www.sunnysastrology.com

The first thing I recommend that people who want to work with me do is a natal chart reading. The natal chart is a snapshot of the planetary placements at the moment of their birth. To do a natal chart reading, we need the date, time, and place of birth.

The time is pretty important! We can do a reading with just your birthdate, but there is a whole additional layer of information we don’t have if we don’t know what time you were born. Many times this is found on the birth certificate. I’ve also had luck researching in the newspaper of the person’s hometown, reading birth announcements from the days immediately following the birth date.

Once we have a good, accurate birth chart, we can do a reading. In that initial reading, I often give clients dates in the near future to pay attention to. I will also suggest to clients that they pay attention to the transits of a particular planet. This is all highly singular to the particular chart I am looking at.

If people want to go deeper with me, I also offer auspicious time readings, meaning I select a chart for an event they have coming up. This could be a wedding, a party, the start of a business or a partnership. I routinely do this for Martin and I, even for things as simple as when we are planning on moving our RV.

I also read charts for solar returns. The solar return is how you say “happy birthday” in astrology. Specifically, it is the moment that the sun returns to the exact spot it was at the moment of your birth. This is not always the same day as your birthday. The chart that results from that moment is a great predictive tool for the coming year.

I also offer free meditations at the full and new moon on YouTube and my Facebook page, titled Sunny’s Astrology. Martin and I do these together.