What is it like to get an astrology reading? What does an astrologer do?

I will read your birth chart, which is technically known as a natal reading. This is a representation, a snapshot, so to speak, of the placements of all the planets and relevant points at the moment you were born. The more accurate we can be about your birth time, the more accurate your reading! So yes, it is worth it to do the research to get your birth time, not just the date.

When you sit down with me, you’ll probably have questions! You should ask them. However, hear what I share with you, so allow plenty of time to hear what is shared with you.

If you have particular areas of your life you would like to learn about or have me focus on, such as relationships or career, it’s really good to let me know early on, such as when you make the appointment, so I can research that for you and focus your reading on what is most relevant.

I recommend to my clients that they record our sessions if we are doing them in person. Zoom calls are recorded by default and I send the client those files. I also recommend that clients take notes if that works for them. There is a lot of information being conveyed, and often times I don’t retain exactly what I have said!  It’s best to capture the experience as it happens. It’s is a highly intuitive experience, it feels as though it flows through me and doesn’t completely come from me, if that makes any sense.

If we are doing a reading by appointment, I spend 2-3 hours beforehand preparing for your reading. I make notes of placements of significance, especially ones that really stand out, as well as important aspects, your balance of elements, and all kinds of technical astrology geek stuff that I will then tell you about in your reading!

When we sit down together, whether virtually or in person, it’s best to can be in a quiet space where you can be undisturbed. You can invite whoever you would like to join you. This is your private information, but if you want a friend or family member (or even more than one) to hear this, that’s fine!  I am fairly therapeutic in my approach to reading a chart.  I like to talk about things that appear to be going well for you, as well as things that may not be going so well, and what you can do to make this better.  We all have placements in our chart that make things a little rocky at times!  It’s part of the human experience.

I will never share what you share with me in a reading, or share your birth chart without your permission.  You can talk about your life without worry, I believe in and follow strict ethical guidelines regarding your confidential information.

If you have other questions about what getting a reading is like, I’d love to hear them!  Post a comment and I’ll be happy to answer!

And if you’d like to have me read your chart, please follow this link:   Natal Reading


Photo by Hafidh Satyanto